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Feed your speakers the good stuff
Powering 11 speakers in a home theatre is one thing. Making them all sound exquisite is quite another. That’s why Yamaha left no detail unattended in designing the MXA5000 power amplifier. Rated at a hefty 150 watts per channel in stereo mode, there’s plenty of clean power to go around to drive an earth-shattering 11.2-channel surround sound system.

XLR inputs with 5-channel bi-amping
Connect your preamp to this powerhouse with either unbalanced RCA cables or pro-quality balanced XLR cables. XLR connections provide an ultra low-noise signal, so all those details in your favourite songs or movie soundtracks come through clearly. If you have a 5-channel home theatre with biamp-capable speakers, you can obtain greater transparency and detail through bi-amping all five speakers.

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